Have you got the lowest interest rate?

Interest rates have been at historic low levels and now the major banks are lifting rates.

So how do you know if you’ve got the lowest interest rate possible?

Firstly, it’s important you know most banks have “under the counter” rates that are lower than the advertised interest rate.

Whether you have a home loan, investment loan or business loan, you should always try to negotiate a lower interest rate for these loans.

It’s hard to know you’ve got the best deal

There are hundreds of different loan products on the market but no one has time to go through all that information.

It’s good to shop around, and you can use comparison websites, but because lenders call loan products by different names, it can get very difficult comparing apples with apples.

So it’s hard to know you’ve got the best deal.

It’s worthwhile working with an experienced broker to save time and get a well-rounded understanding of the advantages of each loan product.

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