Should you borrow more money just because you can?

Over the past few years borrowers have ridden the bank rollercoaster, but borrowers’ budgets are bound to increase under a proposed change announced by the banking regulator. The recent borrowing capacity crunch brought on by increased scrutiny on living expenses looks set to ease, with the banking regulator (APRA) proposing to ease the interest rate […]

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Living expenses made easy

Recently the banks started to scrutinise living expenses when you need to borrow. They will closely analyse the last 3-6 months bank statements which can lower your borrowing capacity. I will help you with your weekly budget to increase your borrowing capacity, and make this process easy for you.  

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How does a Borrowing Plan help you?

I’m different to other brokers because I take the time to listen and understand my Clients.  I then go a few steps further to help you make the right decision. I will prepare a comprehensive Borrowing Plan for you – this gives you all the information you need to make the right decision.

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