Don’t let the banks profit from you

On the same day the Banking Royal Commission released its report, the major banks share prices all increased.

A few days later, commonwealth bank announced another record profit, with the other major banks expected to follow.

The experts say the major banks are moving to block mortgage brokers helping borrowers, and this will kill competition for home loans. And the result will be increased interest rates.

So it’s more important than ever to check your home loan is still competitive.  And don’t let the banks profit from you.

It’s too hard to check my home loan

Over the past few months, the major banks have started to closely analyse your living expenses.  At Craig Tracey Lending we make it easy for you with our 3 step process…

  • Living Expenses Planner -> You complete a simple budget planner
  • Collect Bank Statements -> I collect your statements using bank-approved software that takes you only 30 seconds
  • Check and Confirm -> I do a “deep dive” into your Living Expenses and then confirm the right amount for borrowing capacity calculations

This means we will make it easy to check your home loan, and help you change lenders to find a better deal.

How do Mortgage Brokers get paid now?

Importantly, I will still be paid by the lender you choose, and not by you. Plus, I will always provide you with ongoing service into the future.

What’s the next step?

All you have to do is text Craig Tracey on 0400 449 135 and he will phone for a quick discussion on the next steps.

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