Borrowing Tips for Property Buyers

Today I’m talking to you about the importance of getting the right Loan Pre-Approval when you are buying your next Home or Investment Property.

In the past, this wasn’t so important. But the recent changes in borrowing rules, have made getting Loan Pre-Approvals more difficult than ever.

Today, some Banks and Lenders will give you Loan Pre-Approval in 24 hours. Now this is very fast and seems appealing, but the problem is your Loan is only “system” approved. This means your Loan is not approved by a Credit Assessment Officer. A fully-assessed Pre-Approval should take around 3 to 5 business days, and this will be assessed by a real person, and not a computer.

The danger of not getting a fully assessed Pre Approval, is you may not get Final Approval when you have found the right property.

This is why I specialise in helping Busy People who are looking to buy their next Home or Investment Property. By getting you a fully-assessed Pre-Approval, you can negotiate with RE Agents, plus, bid at auctions, with confidence knowing you have a proper Loan Pre Approval.

With over 20 years lending experience, I will make sure you get a fully assessed Pre Approval upfront so you can focus on finding the right property.

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I look forward to speaking to you soon.

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