Borrowing Tips for Business Owners 3

Welcome to my Borrowing Tips for Business Owners.

Today’s borrowing tip is to make sure your Mortgage Broker uses available technology to save you the hassle with paperwork.

In the past, this wasn’t so important. But what your Mortgage Broker did for you back then, is completely different to what they need to do for you now.

Today all the Banks and Lenders need more information about you than ever before. This means when applying for a loan you need to provide many more documents and bank statements than you have done in the past.

So if your Mortgage Broker doesn’t use available technology to help you, then it will be a real hassle for you.

This is why I specialise in helping Business Owners and save them the hassle of paperwork with my FastDoc system. This FastDoc system is 3 simple steps to save you the hassle of paperwork.

With over 20 years lending experience, I know how busy Business Owners are. And how important it is to make it easy to provide your documents and bank statements.

So if you’d like to talk to me about saving you the hassle of paperwork, you can text, call or email me on the contact detail below.

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