Borrowing Tips for Busy Professionals

Welcome to my Borrowing Tips for Busy Professionals.

Today’s borrowing tip is to make sure your Mortgage Broker has a proven track record in navigating today’s difficult borrowing landscape. Especially if you operate a trust and company structure.

In the past this hasn’t been so important, because borrowing was much easier. But what your Mortgage Broker did for you back then, is completely different to what they need to do for you now.

Otherwise, the borrowing process will be a hassle for you.

This is why I specialise in helping Busy Professionals with their home & investment loans, SMSF loans, plus trust and company loans.

With over 20 years lending experience, I have the knowledge to quickly understand your financial situation and your tax structure. Then I will help you find the right lender and the right loan products.

So if you’re a Busy Professional and need to borrow, then we should have a quick chat. You can contact me below.

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